Cravings by 99 Ranch Opening Week

Cravings by 99 Ranch Market is the first of its kind-- a new warehouse style grocery store/food court. They focus on providing produce, snacks, and food from mainly Asian cultures. Their grand opening was this past weekend and I was lucky enough to have the time to stop by this Tuesday. When you walk in [...]

Pocky’s Brief History

If you've never heard of Pocky, boy have you been missing out. Pocky is a snack originating from Japan in 1966. If you've never seen Pocky, they're thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and packaged in a bright red box. Before their well-known bright red box redesign in 1998, the original designs were definitely less flashy. They [...]

Food: My Thoughts on IHOB

I am honestly still surprised that IHOP re-branched themselves to IHOB... Anyways, International House of Burgers is officially a thing, and it's not a prank! I decided to try a burger for dinner and see if their burgers were really worth the whole rebranding. My friend got the Jalapeno Kick burger (Above: Spicy blend of sauteed [...]

Food: 4 of My Fave Brunch Spots in OC

I finally decided to start this food category on my blog! What better way to start it off than with a little brunch? I know what you're thinking-- "brunch? That's so bougie." Well, I live in Orange County so what else do you expect from me? P.S. I usually get my photos royalty free from [...]

Recipe: Easy 3 Minute Steamed Eggs

This is probably the easiest recipe I've ever posted on my blog. I wouldn't necessarily call steamed eggs meal prep since I always eat this immediately while it's still hot! It's usually a snack for when I'm hungry and don't want to cook anything else. All you need is a microwaveable bowl, fork, and a [...]

Food N Drink: New Category!

I decided to write a blog post explaining the new category on my blog! It might seem a little confusing considering how many types of food posts I already have on my blog. This new "Food N Drink" blog category on my website will be dedicated towards all things food and drinks outside of the kitchen. [...]