10 Course Meal at a Cambodian Wedding

Sean's cousins Ashlie and Danny invited me and a few other of our friends to their beautiful wedding this past weekend and it was so fun! For those that are unfamiliar with Asian weddings, there's always a plethora of food and alcohol. I'm pretty familiar to Cambodian weddings because I've been to so many as [...]

Is Wine Actually Good For You?

You've probably seen those clickbait articles titled "Health Benefits of Drinking Wine" or "A Glass of Wine A Day Keeps the Doctor Away." Let me give you a disclaimer now and start off by saying that no, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a physician, and I'm not a scientist. So, is wine actually good [...]

What Is Mukbang?

This popular trend has been taking over the Internet the last few years. Mukbang originated from Korea, so ultimately, the term is Korean. Mukbang (먹방) is the shortened term for meogneun bangsong (먹는 방송), which roughly translates over to "eating broadcast." Mukbangs originally were live streams of people eating and finishing large portions of food while [...]

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Back Early

In case you didn't hear, Starbucks had a soft-launch of their fall items yesterday. Yes, you heard right! This is the earliest fall launch Starbucks has ever had. Let's talk about the two drinks they're promoting. The two fall flavors that have come out so far are the infamous PSL, also known as the Pumpkin [...]

Food: My Thoughts on IHOB

I am honestly still surprised that IHOP re-branched themselves to IHOB... Anyways, International House of Burgers is officially a thing, and it's not a prank! I decided to try a burger for dinner and see if their burgers were really worth the whole rebranding. My friend got the Jalapeno Kick burger (Above: Spicy blend of sauteed [...]

Food: Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings

Ahh.. the good old debate on chicken wings. Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings has been a debate amongst my friends since I started college. I'm personally a fan of Wingstop but I decided to give BWW a chance, so I did the ultimate taste test-- on camera! I ordered the 3 flavors that they carry from [...]