10 Course Meal at a Cambodian Wedding

Sean's cousins Ashlie and Danny invited me and a few other of our friends to their beautiful wedding this past weekend and it was so fun! For those that are unfamiliar with Asian weddings, there's always a plethora of food and alcohol. I'm pretty familiar to Cambodian weddings because I've been to so many as [...]

My First Week of Hello Fresh

I tried out my first week of Hello Fresh a couple of weeks ago and decided I wanted to share my experience! I also just wanted to start off by saying that this post is not sponsored and I don't have a promo code. I used a discount code and got $30 off my first [...]

Cravings by 99 Ranch Opening Week

Cravings by 99 Ranch Market is the first of its kind-- a new warehouse style grocery store/food court. They focus on providing produce, snacks, and food from mainly Asian cultures. Their grand opening was this past weekend and I was lucky enough to have the time to stop by this Tuesday. When you walk in [...]

Savor Santa Ana 2018 Experience

Thanks to Yelp Elite I managed to get some free tasting tickets to Savor Santa Ana this year! Savor Santa Ana is an annual event hosted in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana. Featuring a ton of local restaurants and bars, $10 will get you 5 taste testing tickets to any participating restaurant. Each restaurant [...]

Pocky’s Brief History

If you've never heard of Pocky, boy have you been missing out. Pocky is a snack originating from Japan in 1966. If you've never seen Pocky, they're thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and packaged in a bright red box. Before their well-known bright red box redesign in 1998, the original designs were definitely less flashy. They [...]

Is Wine Actually Good For You?

You've probably seen those clickbait articles titled "Health Benefits of Drinking Wine" or "A Glass of Wine A Day Keeps the Doctor Away." Let me give you a disclaimer now and start off by saying that no, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a physician, and I'm not a scientist. So, is wine actually good [...]

What Is Mukbang?

This popular trend has been taking over the Internet the last few years. Mukbang originated from Korea, so ultimately, the term is Korean. Mukbang (먹방) is the shortened term for meogneun bangsong (먹는 방송), which roughly translates over to "eating broadcast." Mukbangs originally were live streams of people eating and finishing large portions of food while [...]