February 2019 Bullet Journal Attempt

Before you ask me– yes, I know what a ruler is. And no, I obviously didn’t use one for this month’s bullet journal spread.

Can you believe January is already coming to an end? It feels like the months are going by faster and faster every year. Starting a bullet journal this month has really helped me keep incredibly organized. I use my bullet journal every single day to keep myself in check and I couldn’t be more on top of my priorities!

Since January just flew by, I wasn’t sure what theme to do for the month of February in my bullet journal. Because I’m still a beginner, I decided to keep it simple. I used my usual black pen and added just a touch of color for Valentine’s Day. I’ve gotten a lot of requests by my friends to film a video of me drawing in my bullet journal, so I decided to give it a go. Boy, was I in over my head. You can check out the failed video production of my February spread here:

I don’t have the proper resources to film at an aerial view on my desk, hence all of the awkward angles, so I wanted to apologize again; I have never filmed this style of video and although I find the production of it subpar, I still wanted to show you guys how I designed this month’s spread! I am confident that the production of the March spread will be way better!