Tartelette In Bloom Vs Tartelette Toasted

Before I begin this post I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that the quality of the images from this post look fantastic. I’m just patting myself on the back for that because I’m not really known to take great pictures for my blog. I’m finally stepping up my game!

The Tartelette in Bloom palette was released in November 2015 and retails for $39. This was the second palette released from the Tartelette series. There are three shimmer shades and nine matte shades.

I love that there are so many matte shades in this palette because my go-to looks are always with matte shadows. The colors I stick to for this palette give me a similar look to when I use the Lorac Pro Matte Palette.

→ All over base: Flowerchild
→ Inner corner and brown bone: Charmer
→ Transition shade: Sweetheart
→ Outer V shade: Rebel and Leader (combined)

The Tartelette Toasted palette was released in October 2017 and retails for $39 as well. This was the third and most recent palette released from the Tartelette series. There are six shimmer shades and six matte shades.

This palette is an overall warmer palette than the first two Tartelette palettes. My skin tone goes well with warm tones and orange/red shades. I use this palette more than the Tartelette in Bloom just because I find the shades easier to be more versatile.

→ All over base: S’more
→ Inner corner: Sunrise
→ Transition shade: Cashmere and Warmth (combined)
→ Outer V shade: Cozy (sometimes Fireside for more depth)

Both palettes are pigmented, but I have to admit that there is more fall out than a few other palettes I own. The fall out is more than Urban Decay Naked palettes, but less than ABH Modern Renaissance. To compare them side by side, Tartelette In Bloom has more matte shades and more pink tones. Tartelette Toasted has an even amount of mattes/shimmers and more orange tones. I personally prefer the Toasted palette just because the shades look better on my complexion than the other palette.

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