My Top 5 Kylie Lip Shades

I got a new digital camera recently, so I’m making an attempt to make sure all of the photos I use for my blog posts are either taken by me or royalty free! For any other images I use, I always credit the original photographer or the website I found it from!

Now it’s pretty safe to say that Kylie has been slaying the makeup game with all of these products she’s released. The first product Kylie ever launched was the Kylie Lip Kit. The first year the lip kits came I jumped on any chance I could to grab the more neutral colors before they sold out. Now that it’s been a few years since I’ve collected the colors I was interested in, I felt it was time to give a review on my favorite shades!

Note: The only photo editing I did to these photos is brighten them. I wanted to keep these photos in their natural lighting so the lip swatches are more accurate and true!

1) Dolce K

For those that don’t know me personally, just know that I’m a huge fan of a matte eye look and matte lipstick pairing. The first shade I bought and the first shade I’m introducing is Dolce K. If I’m not mistaken, Dolce K was one of the first neutral/nude looking shades that came out with the rest of the pinker looking shades. On my skin, Dolce K looks a little dark, but because my lips are a little more darker pigment, it shows up lighter and more nude when I wear it.

2) Ginger

This swatch is a little closer to how it actually looks like on my lips than Dolce K. Ginger is a great warm shade that has just a hint of a more orange tone under it. It’s one of my go-to shades for fall!


3) Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is by far my #1 favorite matte lipstick shade! It looks a little on the darker side, but again, my normal lips color is a little darker pigmented than most, so it looks more neutral on me than Dolce K. Definitely my favorite warm-brown shade.

4) Pumpkin

I was hesitant on getting this shade because I already had Ginger and they looked pretty similar, but I decided to just grab this shade during a flash sale. I was pleasantly surprised at the pigment of this shade! Pumpkin is a little bit darker than Ginger, but definitely much more orange. This is by far the most orange lip shade I own, but it’s the perfect amount of orange without looking like I just ate a popsicle. This one is my other go-to for fall!


5) True Brown K

I would have to say that I would prefer a dark brown lipstick over a deep, dark red lipstick! Disregard the wetness in the photo, this is still a matte lip! Along with all other darker matte lipsticks, this shade does cracks more on my lips. It needs a little more touching up than the other shades, but nevertheless still a fantastic shade!

from left to right: Dolce K, Ginger, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin, True Brown K

Please forgive the poor side-by-side swatches, the applicators are very used from all of the times I’ve used these on my lips! To touch on how long these matte lips last, the formula does last for an incredibly long time! Even when I’m eating, they don’t smudge, but I do find myself having to touch up the inner parts of my lips after a meal. The one thing I would have to say is that the longer I’ve had these lipsticks, the stickier the formula becomes. It does get a little clumpy and hard to apply, but they still stay on after a long night out! Another thing I’d have to say is to make sure that your lips are exfoliated and smooth before applying these. If your lips are cracked and dry, it will show through the lipstick.


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