Savor Santa Ana 2018 Experience

Thanks to Yelp Elite I managed to get some free tasting tickets to Savor Santa Ana this year!

Savor Santa Ana is an annual event hosted in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana. Featuring a ton of local restaurants and bars, $10 will get you 5 taste testing tickets to any participating restaurant. Each restaurant features a specific menu item of their choice!

Here’s a quick review of the food I got to taste!

  • Kaizen Shabu Shabu – Yakitori beef skewers with pickled veggies
    Deliciously charred meat paired perfectly with pickled vegetables! The pickled vegetables tasted like the Vietnamese style of pickling, not what I was expecting but surprisingly such a good bite.
  • Wursthaus – Drunken fries with smoked bratwurst
    One of the best things I ate at this event, but I was disappointed that they only gave us one slice of bratwurst when I saw the first few people they served walk away with two slices! The fries came with caramelized onions topped with the bratwurst and a type of animal style sauce. Super delicious and savory!
  • Eat Chow – Turkey chili and mac n cheese
    The mac n cheese alone was kind of lacking flavor, but combined with the turkey chili, it was a medley of cheesy goodness!
  • Kebab Place – Mediterranean sampler (gyro, chicken kebab, rice, hummus, salad)
    Pretty generous portion, but it took two tasting tickets for one tray! The meat was so tender and the hummus had SO much flavor, mixing all of the flavors together made the ultimate perfect bite.
  • Red Envelope – Crab egg rolls
    Two really small crab eggrolls, but jam packed with great flavor! The outside was crispy and the inside was so juicy! Enough crab flavor without it being too fishy tasting.
  • Dos Chinos – Thai coconut curry chicken taco
    Also another great taco! The taco was juicy and topped with a white sauce that made for a perfect fusion taco. The chicken had a little too much cumin for my liking, but nevertheless such a surprise of flavors I didn’t expect to go well together.
  • Mar – Mini poke bowl
    Really small portion of just a bite of tuna poke. The tuna was a little fishy and the rice was kind of sticky and hard. The spicy mayo was probably the best part of it.
  • Portola – Cobbler cold brew
    Not a fan of the sweet cold brew. I would’ve preferred just the coffee black!
  • Mr Matcha – Matcha soft serve
    Matcha soft serve ice cream came with a scoop of red bean, which is the ultimate asian dessert! Strong matcha flavor without it being too bitter and the red bean was the right amount of sweet. Great pairing!

Watch my vlog on me attending the event on my YouTube channel: