Pocky’s Brief History

If you’ve never heard of Pocky, boy have you been missing out.

Pocky is a snack originating from Japan in 1966. If you’ve never seen Pocky, they’re thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and packaged in a bright red box. Before their well-known bright red box redesign in 1998, the original designs were definitely less flashy. They were made as a shareable snack as their slogan is “Share Happiness.” Their core values are about sharing the experience and lightening up the mood with just a box of Pocky. Pocky even shares their core values across the states with a Pocky truck that hands out thousands of free boxes of Pocky! How’s that for sharing happiness?

Pocky’s original flavor is chocolate, but since its creation, they have expanded to other amazing flavors. You can check out a list of the flavors from this Cosmopolitan article.

I tried some of these different Pocky flavors in my newest video:

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