What Is Mukbang?

This popular trend has been taking over the Internet the last few years.


Mukbang originated from Korea, so ultimately, the term is Korean. Mukbang (먹방) is the shortened term for meogneun bangsong (먹는 방송), which roughly translates over to “eating broadcast.” Mukbangs originally were live streams of people eating and finishing large portions of food while interacting with those that were watching.

Since it’s become popularized, live streamers began uploading their older streams online for others to watch or rewatch. That then turned into a whole new world of YouTube channels uploading mukbang videos. Instead of live streaming, YouTubers pre-record and edit videos to upload to YouTube and tell stories.

(pictured above: HyuneeEats)

Here’s the big question: Why do people watch mukbang?

Now from my own personal perspective and from what I’ve heard from other people that watch mukbangs, it’s kind of something to watch that makes you feel like you’re eating with someone. It sounds kind of strange, but just hear me out. People live busy lives, people are very introverted and shy, or sometimes they just need to be alone. Watching a mukbang of someone else eating while you’re sitting down and having a meal can make it feel less lonely, but it can also be quite entertaining. Personally, I find myself watching mukbangs in bed when there isn’t anything else to watch. A few of my favorite mukbangers are Stephanie Soo and Hyunee.

If you’re interested in mukbang, don’t be afraid to start a channel! Here are a few of my videos to check out:

I hope this brought some insight into what mukbang is and I hope more people are willing to keep an open mind to those that watch or film mukbang videos!