My Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m finally back with another beauty post! Now I’m no makeup guru or professional, but I can definitely call myself a huge makeup fanatic!

For someone that doesn’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to eyeshadows, I tend to stick to eyeshadow palettes with more familiar colors (aka warm tones and lots of transition colors). I’m not one to go out of my comfort zone and experiment with bold colors or cut creases, so here are 3 of my all time favorite makeup palettes!

1). Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette
You can grab it from Sephora here!

First of all, this palette smells like smores. Yes, you read right, SMORES. I only smell it on the palette, not when it’s on my eyes so don’t worry! I love how warm the shades are in this palette and how many transition shades there are. These shades are pretty opaque with the right brush, but if you’re using a cheap brush, you might have to pack it on the brush a little bit more.

My go-to shades:
– s’more: for all over the lid for a base
– cashmere & latte: for transition/blending
– cozy: for just below the transition on the outer half of my lids
– fireside: for the outer v of my lids

I usually stick to the matte shades for an every day look but if I don’t hesitate to go for the glitter shades when I’m going out!! This palette is so versatile, I love it!

2). Lorac Pro Matte Palette
You can grab it from Ulta here!

This palette was given to me as a gift from my friend Erica, and it’s the only palette I’ve hit pan on any shade before! I never looked into Lorac makeup because it’s not sold at Sephora, but I didn’t realize that I’ve been missing out! This palette has a really soft, almost creamy texture on these shades and it is VERY opaque, but there is a bit of fall out in the darker shades.

My go-to shades:
– BARE: all over the lids for a base
– LINEN: for the inner corner & inner 1/3 of my eye
– PINK MAUVE: transition shade (also the shade I hit pan on)
– BURGUNDY: for the outer corner blended into transition

If I’m not feeling eyeliner I’ll go into JET BLACK for a soft eyeliner look, but I don’t really touch the two upper brown shades much.

3). Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
You can grab it from Sephora here!

Now I’m sure you were expecting this palette to be in my top 3, of course. I’m pretty sure the Modern Renaissance palette is by far my all time favorite palette! Although the fallout is pretty intense on this palette, the blendability and color from these shades ARE IMPRESSIVE. You can do warm looks and you can do pink looks, both of which work well with my skin tone.

My go-to shades for a pink look:
– VERMEER: inner eyelid
– BUON FRESCO: transition shade
– LOVE LETTER: outer corner, blended out a little further
– RED OCHRE: only on outer v

My go-to shades for a warmer look:
– PRIMAVERA: inner eyelid
– RAW SIENNA & BURNT ORANGE: transition shade
– REALGAR: outer lid blended up into transition
– RED OCRHE: only on outer v

As you can tell, I don’t find myself using the brown shades too often. I tend to stay away from the browns because by the end of the day, the shades tend to look a little messy on my face, so it doesn’t really work with my skin tone.

Thanks for taking the time to read, if you’re interested in seeing looks or swatches from these palettes, leave a comment below! 🙂