Food: 4 of My Fave Brunch Spots in OC

I finally decided to start this food category on my blog! What better way to start it off than with a little brunch? I know what you’re thinking– “brunch? That’s so bougie.” Well, I live in Orange County so what else do you expect from me?

P.S. I usually get my photos royalty free from Stocksnap. The images below were taken by me and posted onto my Yelp page. They were taken quickly with my iPhone and I’m not one to try to get aesthetically pleasing photos of my food, so please bare with me.  Click here to see my reviews!

1) Snooze (Tustin, CA) – Yelp Page

This place is my #1 favorite spot! There’s always a wait for this place! I think the only way to make reservations here is through the Yelp app. When you make a reservation make sure you check in with the front desk so they know they can make a note that you and your party have arrived. The only con I would say about this place is how long the wait is for the food to come out! I understand that it takes longer for  a busy restaurant to push out food, but every time I’ve been here it’s taken a little longer than most restaurants I’ve been to.

-> Make a reservation through the Yelp app!
-> Order the O.M.G. French toast to share with everyone, TRUST ME!

2) Stacks Pancake House (Irvine, CA) – Yelp Page

This place doesn’t take reservations. You order your food at the register, and they give you a number. You’re not allowed to take a seat inside or outside until you’ve ordered your food since the seating is so limited (which is fair!). Definitely recommend the spicy chorizo scramble and any side of pancakes. Definitely get the coconut syrup to drizzle on top of your pancakes, it’s to die for! There’s usually a line out the door and the prices are a little steep for a brunch/breakfast place, but it’s a good place to try at least once for some good pancakes!

-> Get different pancakes and share with everyone
-> Ask for coconut syrup for your pancakes!!

3) Plums Café (Costa Mesa, CA) – Yelp Page

Plums is definitely my second favorite brunch place! Everything that I’ve ordered here was absolutely amazing! The eggs benedict had a great bechamel sauce, the biscuits and gravy were such an incredible combo, and the fresh whipped cream on the berry waffle was INCREDIBLE!! The service was also amazing, which is pleasant for someone that’s barely willing to get up early for brunch (aka me). The parking in this plaza is a bit tight considering it’s such a popular place for such a tiny plaza.

-> Make a reservation in advanced
-> Come early to find parking

4) Driftwood Kitchen (Laguna Beach, CA) – Yelp Page

Driftwood Kitchen  probably has the best view of the beach you could ever imagine from a restaurant considering it’s literally on the beach! Parking is a bit of a challenge– there’s a small area for valet parking, but if you drive a little further past the place, you’ll find meter parking for much cheaper! I’ve only been here for brunch and the view was stunning even for a gloomy day. One thing I had to mention were the fearless seagulls that showed up once our food was served! My friend and I were seated on the balcony outside and these seagulls would not go away, so something to consider if you’re looking for outdoor seating.

-> Make a reservation to get a good view, especially for the weekend
-> Carpool with friends, parking may be difficult to find

To sum it up, most of these places are pricey because they’re brunch places. I recommend any of these four spots if you’re looking to celebrate a birthday or just looking for a new brunch spot to try out with friends. Don’t forget to check out my Yelp Page! Enjoy 🙂

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