Meal Prep: Vegi Pasta Salad

I’ve finally reached week 5 and I’m feeling good! I didn’t have anything new to share for week 4 because I stuck with the same salmon and zucchini pasta recipes. My new meal prep goal is to try to change up one meal every week so I have at least some variety. Meal prepping gets boring and I’m sure sharing the same recipes on my Instagram feed will too. I’ve been trying to incorporate healthy carbs into my diet so I feel satisfied after every meal while still eating a ton of vegetables. Here’s my REALLY easy pasta salad recipe!

Ingredients (6 servings):
– 1 box vegi pasta
– 1.5 cucumbers, diced
– 1 tomato, diced
– 5 slices of lean ham (deli meat or sub for another protein, your choice)
– Italian dressing

– Boil water in pan, throw pasta in
– Add olive oil to prevent pasta from sticking together while cooking
– Add salt
– Cook pasta according to time on box
(al dente)
– While pasta is cooking, dice cucumbers, tomatoes, and ham into cubes
(size is your preference)
– Throw vegetables and ham into bowl and box together
– Once pasta is cooked, strain and pour into bowl with vegetables
– Mix and add Italian dressing to taste
– Additional pepper is optional!

*Tip: If you plan to make these for meal preps, leave the Italian dressing to the side and add right before your meal so the pasta doesn’t soak up the dressing and become dry.

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