Meal Prep: Baked Salmon

Week 1 and 2 definitely came with a lot of trial and error.

These were my original diet goals:
– Meatless Mondays & Wednesdays
– Carbless Tuesdays & Thursdays
– Pescatarian Fridays
– Cheat Day Saturday
– Normal Meal Prep Sunday

These were my original workout goals:
– Sauna before workout
– Lift
– Any type of cardio for 3+ miles
– Steam room after workout

I’ve never been so emotional and frustrated than I was during my first and second week. Prohibiting myself from eating any carbs on certain days and meat on other days was pretty extreme and practically impossible. I also work full time, so I was also expecting a little too much from myself from the gym as well.

I managed to survive the first two weeks, but I wasn’t happy. I was proud of myself for pushing myself to get back into the gym and go every day, but I wasn’t happy with what I was eating. I’m definitely setting new goals for myself for the next week. Here’s my salmon recipe for week 3’s dinners!

IMG_5537Ingredients (4 servings):
– 4 frozen salmon filets
– 4 tbsp. olive oil
– 2 tbsp. salt
– 2 tsbp. pepper
– 2 tbsp. dried basil
– 1 lemon, juiced
– 3 garlic cloves, minced

– Preheat oven to 375 degrees
– Thaw frozen salmon at room temperature while preparing seasoning
– Mix together olive oil, lemon, and all dry ingredients
– Lightly oil baking pan and place filets on top
– Mix together ingredients and pour over filets
– Bake at 375 for 25 minutes (or until cooked)

*Broccoli can be baked, steamed, or boiled. Your preference!

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