Travel: Post-Grad Seattle Trip

Chihuly Garden Glass | Seattle, WA

So it’s official! Melissa and I are finally done with our undergraduate careers at UC Irvine. We both finished school a quarter early and thought that a trip to Seattle would be a great way to celebrate. We booked the trip right after finals and stayed for 5 days and 4 nights. Here are a few highlights!

Since we had 5 whole days in Seattle, we got to take our time roaming around the tourist area. We stopped by Pike Place Market, Storyville coffee, the original Starbucks, Piroshky Piroshky, the Space Needle, you name it! Melissa and I got really lucky with the trip because the weather was beautiful. Clear skies, and not even a slight chance that it was going to rain!

I just have to say that the restaurants we visited were amazing. Here’s the Chub burger (bacon jam, American & Brie cheese, egg, bacon, jalapeno aioli, fried chicken instead of patty) from Skillet Capitol Hill:

img_6836We also got a chance to see some of the cherry blossom trees blooming at the University of Washington! The campus architecture was beautiful. I’ve never visited a college campus with architecture like this before.

Melissa and I were also lucky enough to go canoeing at the University of Washington. We walked by the football stadium and watched some canoe teams compete in the lake. The school seems to be incredibly competitive when it comes to their sports. Pretty interesting to watch since UC Irvine doesn’t have its own personal lake or football team.

With our City Passes, we got to see the aquarium, take a boat tour around Seattle, visit the Space Needle twice (once during the day, once in the afternoon), the EMP museum, and the Chihuly Garden Glass museum.

I won’t post all of the pictures, so here’s a view of the city from the Space Needle at night!

If you want to see more from our trip, here’s the video I made:

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