Travel: My First Time in SF (Part 2)

After visiting the Golden Gate Park area, I got to explore the cloudier part of SF. Before I explored Fisherman’s Wharf and I got to try the infamous Philz Coffee.

038Philz Coffee | San Francisco, CA

It was surprisingly empty around the time I went, so there was no wait!  I was actually surprised to admit that the iced mint mojito coffee was as good as the hype made it out to be. The only thing that I would warn the world is the amount of ice they throw in there. I don’t mind asking for less ice and having my coffee room temperature. It’s worth the sacrifice if I can get more coffee in my cup!

Fisherman’s Wharf | San Francisco, CA

046Definitely got the full experience of NorCal weather once I got the Pier 39. It was cloudy, windy, and all I could smell was the sea air. It is the ultimate tourist area for anyone visiting. I wasn’t there for very long because of how packed it was, but let me tell the world now that you should never get your clam chowder bowl from anywhere but Boudin if you’re in the area. I grabbed a clam chowder bowl from Hook & Cook, a fish and chips place that’s also on the Wharf, and it was awful! Something about the chowder just didn’t taste right, and it was definitely not satisfying. If you’re going to ask me to pay $10 for a clam chowder bowl, I’d rather it be from Boudin.

That about sums up my first trip to the Bay!

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