Travel: My First Time in SF (Part 1)

Japanese Tea Garden | San Francisco, CA

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022My first time on a plane was this past March 2015. I hopped on a plane, landed in Oakland, and got to see San Francisco for the first time in my life. Here’s my first adventure in NorCal back in March.

The Japanese Tea Garden was beautiful. There was an entrance fee to get in (sorry I don’t remember the price), but I remember there was a discount for SF locals. Take advantage of that if you’re visiting a friend! It was surprisingly sunny for SF weather, and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was a lot smaller than I had imagined it would be, but it was stunning. The trees, the flowers, the statues, and the architecture was absolutely fascinating. I felt so calm and so at peace when I was there. I also sat down and tried some of the snacks they had at their little tea room.

Like I said, there wasn’t too much to explore, but it was worth a visit. I decided to stop by the California Academy of Sciences after since it’s right across from the Tea Garden.


California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco, CA

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to visit this place, but it was incredibly fascinating! I’m not your typical person to enjoy museums, but there were so many different aspects of this place that excited me. There’s an aquarium on the bottom floor, a planetarium on the first floor, an earthquake room, and even a rain forest dome.

I love aquariums, so that was already an automatic win. The planetarium helped me see nature through such an innovative experience. The earthquake room let us experience the two major earthquakes that hit San Francisco, and I couldn’t imagine being in the city during those two occurrences. The rain forest dome let us experience the humidity and climate that animals live in. I didn’t get to go into the rain forest dome myself, but it looked beautiful from the outside.

I really recommend any SF tourists go and check this place out! Truly an amazing experience. Since I was in the city, I had to stop by the incredibly famous Phil’z Coffee. (To be continued in next blog post)

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