Explore: The Last Bookstore in LA

Los Angeles, CA

Urth Caffe | Los Angeles, CA

Visit the Yelp page here.

I explored a little more than just The Last Bookstore today. Before stopping there, I grabbed lunch with my friend Maddie at Urth Caffe. I ordered the full grilled cilantro chicken with pesto and the organic green tea boba. The sandwich was yummy and came with a side salad! I was full after eating the first half so I didn’t try any of the desserts. The green tea boba was unfortunately not as sweet as I would have liked it. The boba had no flavor and the organic green tea could have been a little sweeter. To check out the menu, click here.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

The Last Bookstore | Los Angeles, CA

Visit the Yelp page here.

After having lunch, we went to check out The Last Bookstore. Tip when looking for parking – either find a meter to park on the street or pay for the nearest parking lot you can find! Navigating through the one way streets may be a little tough on a crowded day.

What I loved about this place was that it was more than just a bookstore. It was filled with contemporary art by incredibly artists. Officially a new fan of Usugrow and Morley as of today. There are two floors to this place, and most of the older books are upstairs. I found two potentially interesting books in the dollar section upstairs, and I was incredibly thrilled to have only paid $2.18 for them.

There’s a stage on the first floor (probably for open mic nights) and a couple of places to sit down to enjoy a book. It gets a little hot upstairs, so just don’t dress too warm when coming to visit! Also, if you have a bag that’s over-sized, they’ll ask you to check it into the cubbies before you walk in. I seriously loved all of the art upstairs. I spent 2 hours with my friend sifting through books and just exploring the place. Of course I had to stop by the popular angel wings and curved book displays to snap touristy photos.

I might come here to sell my huge collection of old books when I get the time to go through all of them. Although I hate to admit that I’d be more comfortable reading at a Barnes and Nobles, I definitely think that visiting the bookstore at least once in your life would be worth it!

Overall rating: 7/10

California Donuts | Koreatown, CA

Visit the Yelp page here.

(Taken from my Yelp review)

Since we were nearby, we decided to stop by California Donuts to see what the hype was about. The line wasn’t as long as the pictures and Snapchats that I’ve seen when my friends came, but finding parking was impossible. We circled around the neighborhood/area for a good 10 minutes before we got lucky and found a spot in the actual parking lot.

The wait was about 10 minutes and once you get up to the window, you order your box of donuts through the glass walls outside. What I found to be hilarious was that there’s no window, so when you’re ordering your donuts you have to point and use your hands to tell them what you want. Once you get to the cashier, you pay for everything. I got the maple bacon bar donut, the specialty panda Oreo donut, and the matcha green tea donut.

I thought the Panda donut wasn’t worth the price because there wasn’t much to it but the Oreos. They were kind of dense, and the Panda didn’t have any filling inside (like I thought it did). I did enjoy the matcha green tea donut a lot though. The donut wasn’t too sweet and it was a perfect amount of sugary-goodness to satisfy my palate. The maple was really sweet, and over powered the bacon a bit, but it was still good nonetheless. It was a good place to try once, but not sure I’d go back again since prices are a bit expensive.

Overall rating: 6/10

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