Explore: Vitaly in Costa Mesa


Costa Mesa, CA


Visit the Yelp page here.
Currently reading: “The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl” by Karen Burns

It was another beautiful day after work and I wanted to be outside after sitting in the office all day. I’ve been here before to study with a friend and I remembered it was a cute little spot with plenty of places to sit outdoors under some shade. This place is in The CAMP, which is a super adorable, hipster spot to explore if you’re in the area.

 I stopped here after work to finish the last half of the book I was reading (book review will be up soon!) I love how adorable the Italian owner is and how kind he is to all customers. I ordered an iced tea (which only comes in a large) and sat down on the couch outside. The pictures above and below are the view of everything from where I was sitting.

I loved the atmosphere of the area and how peaceful sitting there. It was pretty hot outside, but sitting in the shade was great. It was cool, and I didn’t even realize how much time had passed when I finally finished the book. This is definitely one of my favorite reading spots and probably going to be one of my permanent spots! Definitely recommend coming here for a peaceful day by yourself.

Overall rating: 9/10

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